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With all the choices available on the market, it can be a little overwhelming to decide on computer speakers for you. Add jargon into the mix and you become both overwhelmed and confused. My blog and my computer speaker reviews will guide you towards choosing the best computer speakers that will suit your needs, be them gaming, watching movies, or listening to music.
best computer speakers

How to Choose the Best Computer Speakers

While most computers already come with inbuilt speakers, we know that a good pair of speakers can enhance your experience that much more and the good news is, there is one that is bound to suit your needs, and most importantly, your budget. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing your computer speakers.
To make it easier for you, I have compiled a list of questions that you should answer:

  1. What am I going to use it primarily for?
  2. What is my budget?
  3. What is the size of my workplace?
  4. Does my computer have the capabilities to support the speaker system that I want to buy?

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Best Computer Speakers – My Top Picks

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I Need the Best Computer Speakers for…

The best computer speakers are those that will perform up to your expectations so the first question to ask yourself is; what am I after? Basic use, music, movies, or gaming? There are fundamentally three types of speakers, consisting of:

  • 2.0 (a set of two speakers)
    For most normal computer users, however, a 2.0 speaker system will usually suffice unless you are one who listens to music a lot, then I will definitely recommend the 2.1.
  • 2.1 (a set of two speakers with a subwoofer)
    A subwoofer will take the music up a notch especially when most songs today are bass-laden. If you are a softcore gamer who wants a better gaming experience but don’t want to splurge on surround sound, then a 2.1 is also a good idea.
  • Surround sound 5.1, 7.1 (number of speakers and a subwoofer) and so on
    Many gamers and movie lovers enjoy the feeling of putting themselves in the middle of action, so to speak. The surround sound system will give you an immersive experience but they are almost always quite expensive.

You get the drift. The first number represents the amount of satellites and the number after the decimal, the amount of subwoofers.

What Can I Afford?

After having decided on the type of speakers that you want, setting a price range will significantly narrow down your number of choices.

There is zero doubt that the very best computer speakers are generally high up there in the price department but bear in mind that cheap does not always necessarily indicate low quality.

Do I Have Room for the Speakers?

Ask yourself if you really have the space, especially if you are going for the surround sound system. If you have a small room, there is no need for a 7.1 speaker system – a 5.1 will be sufficient. Nowadays, some opt for a wireless speaker system to save some space and to avoid the wire clutter but I personally would not recommend those as it can really conflict with your home Wi-Fi network.

Does My Computer Support?

Moving on, you also have to check if you have the sound card and other necessary hardware for the system you are looking to buy. There have been many cases where people splurged on a very good, high-end system just to find out that their computer does not have the capabilities to support surround sound.

And now we move into the more technical areas. Some useful tips when choosing a good set of speakers include making sure that they are self-amplified. This is measured in watts per channel RMS and as a general rule of thumb; 50 watts are good enough for an average music listener.

Another important consideration when choosing your speakers is the total harmonic distortion, also known as the THD. Basically, everybody goes for the lowest amount of distortion possible therefore the lower the value of the THD, the better. Do try to avoid speakers that have a THD percentage of anything above 2%.

Best Computer Speakers – Blog

Armed with all this new knowledge, you should find it easier to choose the best computer speakers that will suit your needs. Do visit my blog for more guides and computer speaker reviews; I hope they will help you find your best computer speakers.


Air Mattress For Your Guest

air-mattressWhen you want to deflate the air mattress, make sure you get all air out, as it might grow mold on the inside if the air happens to be humid. Do not ever bring an air mattress to heat for example a camp fire. Read this.

It is advisable to take into account what size your tent is before getting the air mattress, since there is no point to purchase a king-size air mattress for a solo tent. Additionally you need to think about the way to inflate the air mattress because they will require an air pump.

It’s also important to ensure you keep to the purpose you expect your air bed to be utilized for.

An air bed is beneficial since it is an excellent space saver. You do not need a spare room to cater to your house guests. The blow up mattress may be put anywhere in your place because you can easily fill it up when necessary.

Of course you will not want the work of inflating manually since the process is going to take lots of effort but the advantage of buying an airbed with a manual pump is the fact that it is more economical. Check out this.


Best Rated Juicer For Your Home


If you are in the market for a juicing machine, you might be searching for Omega juicer reviews, since you have most likely seen Omega on a lot of “recommended” checklists. For people unpracticed juicing machines, they might all look the very same at first glance. This is barely the instance. You intend to acquire your money’s worth by purchasing a device that will certainly do its task well and offer you many years of program. You also want one sturdy adequate that it won’t go strolling off the counter if you are not holding on to the machine itself.

If you’re reviewing getting a juicer, you need to visit juicer machine reviews. A few of the most popular juicer machines are examined there. Some juicers are not exactly what they appear. All the study output is provided for you and set out in simple pros and cons lists. They also feature the juicers that threaten and not suggested to buy! Read this.

In the present society, many people are becoming more health conscious and consequently, increasing the intake fiber through eating more fruits and veggies is a must. Nevertheless, I’m that type of person that does not enjoy eating big pieces of veggies and fruits. For that reason, I tried take out the juices using the most useful juicing machine to drink every morning before you go to work.

The mind is such an important part of the physical body as it helps regulate and keep track of all of our body’s features – Therefore, it is important for us to deal with it. It is advisable to drink juicing vegetables and fruits regularly to take advantage of its organic minerals and vitamins. Check out this website.

The Breville company is globe known for making some of the very best juicers, and their Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain And 850-Watt Juicing Machine is amongst the best that Breville needs to provide. As a matter of fact, these appliances are now so well-liked that they are appearing as typical home appliances in kitchen all over the globe. And since juicing is such a healthy and balanced technique, juicers m certain to expand in popularity well into the future.

Similar to any product, it is necessary that you know the internal functions of juicers before you’re able to figure out which model the best rated juicer is.

Upon searching juicers and reviews, you could discover that some juicer machines are dangerous. Things like metal shavings entering your juice, the lid flying off during juicing, and moldy areas of the juicer are all things that can induce you to be unwell and even injured. This is definitely the last point you want in a juicer. If you’re sorting via juicers and reviews websites, and you’re seeing a lot these type of problems, avoid! You could also have the ability to find a couple of radiant juicing machine reviews on the design, but a number of firms are known for employing individuals to place fake evaluations up. Attempt to check out the image as a whole. What do most of the juicers and reviews websites point out, and are there simply a lot of complaints on that specific model?

Well if you do not know, the best juicing machine that I once was talking about is a centrifugal juicer.I remembered buying that piece of juicer since it is inexpensive. Priced at $75, it was definitely a worthy buy, considering the health advantages that I may delight from it. But, when I discovered foam on the surface of the fruit juice that I’ve juiced, I found find out that these foams are effects of the juice machine blending at a rate too rapid and this may mean simple oxidation of the juice. Therefore, I’ve learnt to be patient and combined my fruit juices slowly ever since then.

Using quicker juicers, you usually have more waste. It’s now a common fact that reduced speed juicers deliver more juice and present more nutrition compared with other types of juicers since they lightly break and press the fruit and veggies so that the goodness is safeguarded.


Selecting A Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

Asthmatics and dermatitis patients are commonly suggested to vacuum floors or beds and to dirt daily. However if this is done with a common vacuum cleaner and a dry duster it will only suggest breathing in yet more irritant as it is created by the espresso machine and made airborne by the dusting. Dirt escaping from the physical body of the machine or via its exhaust filtration system suggests that airborne irritant fragments are easily inhaled and clarifies the unanticipated boost in clients’ signs documented after medical professionals have recommended frequent vacuum cleaning.Read this.

Make sure to pick a vacuum with low exhausts, especially if relative have breathing troubles. A vacuum that does not launch much dirt or other particulates back in to the air as you scrubbing indicates a cleaner home. And don’t rely on filter cases alone. Lots of cases are made concerning vacuums with unique microfiltration systems, such as HEPA filters. Its real that HEPA filters have been effective at reducing particulate concern and have actually been recommended for asthma patients, yet many models without them have executed equally well in CRs exhausts tests. Such vacuums also could cost less compared to HEPA models. The bottom line: The amount of dust sent out depends as much on the design of the entire device as on its filter.vacuum-cleaner

Overall, selecting the best canister to meet your needs isn’t really always simple. It’s important to read the user examines, product quick guides and info to get a true suggestion of exactly what the canister can do for you.

Dyson in general is known for being the very best pet hair vacuum cleaner. Evaluations from thousands of genuine Dyson clients frequently praise their Dyson as the only vacuum to efficiently tidy and handle pet hair gunk in their homes. If you require the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair in your home, this post will assist you comprehend your Dyson options and how to discover a terrific sale price. While there are lots of Dyson vacuum models to choose from, it’s truly simple to search which Dyson’s are made particularly for sucking up pet hair.

You could not go wrong with the Hoover Wind Tunnel one of the most effective canister vacuum cleaner versions on the market. If you have actually been disappointed by the side cleaning potentials of other equipments, you’ll be pleasantly amazed with what this Hoover needs to offer.


Portable Models Of Hair Irons

best-flat-ironThick hair requires higher heat in order to get smooth outcomes. High temperatures additionally suggest less time styling, but you should check that the flat iron features high quality heating elements that won’t damage your hair combined with the heat. If you discover a hair iron with flexible heat setups, this ares much better since it implies a more secure process and additional styling control.

Bigger stores such as Amazon are more popular and reputabled than smaller sized web sites, they will certainly also offer the hair straighteners at a more affordable rate so it’s certainly worth looking into internet sites such as these.

From basic hair styling at home, portable models of hair irons may also be used for traveling purposes.

Don’t assume all hair irons have the power to treat thick hair. Pay more for a good hair iron to get better outcome more quickly.

You could have noticed that many some don’t suggest the most expensive item on the marketplace, and this applies to hair irons as well. A higher price doesn’t necessarily ensure high quality, so if a specific design does not exceed $80 don’t presume that it’s due to the fact that it’s mediocre.

Choosing exactly what is the best hair straightening iron for your hair isn’t really easy. Lots of wish straight, sleek and glossy hair that looks perfect. However, to get that look, you should put some thought in to the subject and then do your study.

Most people think that almost any straightening iron would do to straighten up someone’s hair. However, many hair specialists suggest that the very best hair straightener should have ceramic plate instead of a steel plate.


How to Select the Best Portable Air Conditioner for Your Home



Portable air conditioning unit is just one of the most suggested conditioning devices for boarding home. This alternative will be excellent for the people who have to cool their area in specific affair. The disadvantage of this device is that you need to pay additional. This unit is much more expensive compared to window air conditioning unit.

If you’re in search of a way to stay cool throughout the hot summer season, simply browse the web to research on the different kinds of portable air conditioner for sale. Read more.


It is advisable to purchase a portable air-cond which is handy and suitable for you, as opposed to a unit which merely has fashionable characteristics and very little else to offer.


There is one quality that people have divided point of views on: looks. The appeals of Delonghi dehumidifiers have actually been both applauded and slammed by people. If you prefer the regular performance of Delonghi but intend to make sure that you discover a dehumidifier that looks good, you should certainly choose the model very carefully. See to it that you envision the particular dehumidifier you are preparing to buy and simply think about how it will certainly look inside your residential. Obviously, the look won’t really matter considerably if you will certainly be using it in far-off houses like the basement.

Since there are several portable air coolers that are truly considered to be effective read here for more review, you may not know which one is better among them until you evaluate and contrast. To choose the best portable air conditioner among most of the best you’ll need patience and time. You may get help from those individuals who have used a variety of portable conditioners. It’s important to evaluate the most effective portable air cooling units due to the fact it’s only through contrast that you will realize the most reliable one. Some of the essential things you’ll have to evaluate are the top features of the air conditioner, the functionally of the air cooling unit, if the portable air cooler has a warranty or not and the amount of energy the air cooling unit consumes if it uses electrical power. One more thing that you may consider comparing may be the cost of the air conditioning unit. This will enable you know what type you are able to afford without having pressure.


Top Reasons to Own a Blender

Blenders will save you money by providing you the opportunity of eating and drinking healthier food as an alternative to spending money on buying fast food. If having fresh foods is essential to you then using a blender could enhance your cooking experience.

The standard Cuisinart blender includes a power base, a glass container and a plastic-made lid which has a chute. Cuisinart blender incorporates a sharp, durable blade that will crush ice and blend with optimum effectiveness.

A hand blender includes many functions. It may be used for whipping as well as for mixing batters. These blenders usually are prepared with whisks to mix creams or stir eggs. The chopping knife alternatively makes mixing cake batter and making smoothies easier. You possibly can even puree vegetables or fruits with it. It is ideal for mixing sauces to the proper consistency.

The huge range of functions and recipes to be found for personal blenders is massive and the plethora of great tasting things you can make is only restricted by your imagination. Click here for more info.

Does the blender match properly in your hands? Is it too large or too small to cover your hand around? Is it too slippery to hold? Is the keeping the controls simple to achieve? Most stay blenders suit the hand proportionately, but since you’ll be the one using it, size and convenience matters, since you will function as the one deploying it.

Some blenders have just one speed and others have variable speeds. So long as you mix your soap for the right timeframe, ensuring all materials are thoroughly mixed, having the difference of rates does not really make a difference that much. Having faster speeds may possibly decrease some mixing time. Having variable rates is just practical.


When choosing out a blender you might need to consider the purchase price when selecting out a blender. Start with setting your budget and follow it. In the event you got an additional dollars to invest, a high-end blender would have been a excellent option. A high-end blender includes several features that will help you making shakes much simpler. The favorable high-end blenders are Vita-mix and Blendtec. Both of these are designed for top quality and to be used for heavy loaded tasks.

Blenders would be the most suitable appliances for making salsa. Many healthy and great tasting snacks can conveniently made by using the suitable blender.

A blender is made to add air to your drink, so it will be frothy, which is the reason blender smoothies always turn out delicious. Blenders will be able to grind entire spices, coffee beans, almonds and biscuits.


Using A Food Processor Makes Cooking More Exciting

In addition to the functionality, the size is certainly a significant issue which is relevant to the unit of food processor to purchase. Seeing that these machines consists of numerous sizes and styles, regard the measurement of the product to determine whether it could fit with your kitchen.

food-processorFunctionality, mobility, and power are some of the aspects that you need to explore prior to buying a food mill. The most cost effective models are the mini mixer, and you can get them over $ONE HUNDRED. Cuisinart offers a wonderful line of gadgets but there are still various other trusted brand names available like Kitchenaid, Hamilton Beach, Chefs, and numerous others.

The business and professional models are bigger, which are suitable for cooks and chefs. For the common housewife, the classic model is suitable. Regardless of the competitor of brands available, you could find an efficient gadget to satisfy your demands. Capability is the very first thing to think about. The components of the gadget you decide on will certainly figure out the performance. Identify your necessities first prior to looking to make sure that you can compare the components.

Food processors include slicing blades, that are useful for a number of recipes. The more features the food processor offers, the more types of recipes you can try.

Evaluations written by alreadying existing users can offer you insider info on any sort of brand names of meals processors. They could tell you exactly how several additional cutters and discs are offered along with your acquisition and different details. Checking the warranty provided by the producer is a great sign on how excellent and confident it is.

Using a food processor makes cooking more exciting as it demands significantly less time to get ready all that’s needed for what you want to cook. In addition, a food processor can be a pleasure to own, specifically if you like to eat fruit shakes.


The Most Effective Types Of Knives

Knowing the top features of an outstanding kitchen knife is a prerequisite to making a great purchasing choice. Thinking about the material the kitchen knife consists of is important as it affects simplicity in sharpening, the cooking knife’s longevity and cutting ability.

knivesA perfectly balanced, beautifully forged knife is made up of a few layers of folded steel and then slowly honed until it is suitable to use.

Consider buying stainless steel chef’s knives that are long lasting enough for cutting different kinds of food items including those that are hard to cut.

It’s challenging for everybody to discover the most effective types of knives intended for various cutting or chopping functions. It hence essential that to take into account other user reviews on the most effective kitchen knives. Some individuals think that getting chef cooking knives is the better choice but you ought to remember that these are made for experts.

Chicago Cutlery knives are created from high carbon stainless steel. They can be some of the sharpest and leading knives available and consumer reviews have definitely revealed the advantages of such features.

The material used in making the knife will also allow you to make your decision where the most effective knife is. Material of the knife can help you know when the knife can last for a very long time. Ensure that you decide on the material that will not get rusted quite easily must be rusted knife isn’t advisable to-be used across the home.

One can find various knife designs in accordance with the application of every knife and therefore you should consider whether a unique kind of knife is crucial for your needs.


The Main Aspect To Consider When Picking A Vacuum

Identify what size of vacuum you want to buy. The main aspect to consider when picking how huge or small a vacuum cleaner you want is the size of your home. If you stay in a smaller apartment, for instance, a big vacuum would be both unneeded and a trouble; you probably wouldn’t even have space to store it. Be realistic when taking a look at vacuum cleaner sizes.panasonic-vacuum-cleaner

If you want outstanding cleaning ability then the Hoover Wind Tunnel Self-Propelled HEPA Upright Vacuum is the one for you. It has more than enough power, along with being easy to use, to keep your house super clean.

Dyson as a whole is understood for being the best pet hair vacuum cleaner. Evaluations from countless genuine Dyson clients frequently applaud their Dyson as the only vacuum to successfully tidy and take care of pet hair dirt in their houses. If you need the most effective vacuum for pet hair in your home, this write-up will certainly help you recognize your Dyson choices and how to discover a terrific price. While there are lots of Dyson vacuum designs to select from, it’s truly simple to search which Dyson’s are made particularly for sucking up pet hair. Check out this.

Eureka Quick up Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is one more vacuum cleans which darned the vacuum cleaner reviews and obtained the hype. With a distinct top quality of not bending, Eureka Quick up Cordless Cleaner is really convenient and has a dust buster as an included component. It could be hanged on a wall and also the takes care of are completely removable. Therefore, you could be rewarded with the cordless and light weight vacuum a great deal, and prevent yourself from the hassle of positioning it whenever you make use of, because you could simply remove it by hanging it on the wall.

Whilst the above are the most vital elements to take into consideration when getting your vacuum, you may also wish to consider various other elements such as: Price, reliability, unique requirements (i.e. HEPA Filter for allergy sufferers), weight, size etc for easy usage, Needed devices and attachments. Overall, picking the best canister to fulfill your needs isn’t really always simple. It is very important to read through the individual examines, item guides and info to get a true suggestion of just what the canister could do for you.

There are lots of models and functions to choose from with the recent major advancement being a change to bagless vacuum cleaners. In addition, HEPA vacuum have HEPA filters to lower allergy causing dust. There are likewise vacuum cleaners geared toward animal owners. Nevertheless, sorting with all the information to find out which vacuum cleaner is right for you is hard.

If you ever want to use the flexible attachment hose, all you do is pull out the end of the hose and start off using it. The connection is built-in so you don’t have to connect anything. It includes several attachments, including a crevice tool, two extension wands, a dusting brush, along with an upholstery nozzle with a rotating brush. Hard wood surfaces and carpets tend to be no match for the Hoover Self Propelled Wind Tunnel, which cleans them fantastically. To completely clean hard wood floors, you put it to the hard wood floor setting so that the agitator brushes turn off. The vacuum is in fact powerful enough to suck up anything off the hard wood floors very effectively. It does equally as well with area rugs and carpets, cleaning very easily with the high level of power and the embedded dirt finder. It is a nice vacuum, especially when you consider the built in edge cleaner.


Purchasing An Espresso Machine

Having a quality espresso maker is paramount for any enthusiastic coffee lover. Likewise, the correct unit could transform an amateur into a lover. Think of the fragrances of newly brewed coffee at your convenience. Selecting the best espresso could be a challenge, just what with the selection that is out there, but it need not be a task. The search can stop with the Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker, especially the design ECMP50. For quality, price and ease of usage, this equipment rates in any type of kitchen.

Besides that, they’re designed with programmable links and easy to use steam wands with tips that assist you to make the most effective espressos. With thermal siphon, you can make constant removal and guarantee heat balance in producing your own espresso.

You may still buy a great espresso maker when you have a small budget. If you are willing to put in about $100 in the machine, there are actually several good pump-driven espresso makers that make great espresso coffee.

The Nespresso Citiz C110 makes the perfect mixture each time by just placing a coffee pod into the top of the nespresso coffee machine and pressing the button. Within 30 secs you have a delectable mug of coffee. The nespresso coffee machine includes its own tank and immediately heats the water for you as it is filling your cup.

Purchasing an espresso machine had never ever been quicker or less difficult with online shopping. The inconvenience of lining right up at the counter area and searching through crowded stores may be fully prevented. But, my principal interest is choosing the best espresso machine without proper advice. I consequently found out that we can confidently rely on the coffee espresso maker reviews on the web and also other customers endorsement.

Purchasing espresso machines can be very complicated. Several users check with espresso machine evaluations before generally making their choice. Numerous websites on the internet give these reviews. Many of them belong to actual companies. Good vendors make an attempt to provide the best information for customers. Therefore, you must leave a few reviews if you’re satisfied with their products. This shows that you’re appreciative. In addition, you will help various other customers to make the correct choices too. These reviews are important. Read this.

Espresso makers can be purchased in all sort of styles and the sizes and also different designs to satisfy ones need. Nevertheless you should look for an espresso maker which sufficient your personal surrounding regardless of whether could it be a boutique shop, your office pantry as well as in the home. Like that the espresso maker meets the surroundings you’re in to give a more convenient usage whether is it for yourself or for others to use.


Logitech Z506 – Best Value Surround Sound Computer Speakers

Being a music and movie lover, I covet a good, 5.1 surround sound system that will make me feel like I am in the middle of all the action. Therefore, imagine my delight when I come across the popular Logitech Z506 that counts multiple inputs for connecting devices, a rich 5.1 surround sound, ported subwoofer for deep bass and 75 watts (RMS) of balanced power and room-filling ambiance.

best computer speakers

Logitech Z506

After having it for two weeks, I can confidently say that these are the best speakers that you can get within this price range. First things first, before you even consider buying the Logitech Z506, you have to make sure that whatever system that you have has the necessary jacks and drivers to accommodate a six channel input to avoid any disappointment. Remember also to adjust the speaker settings to 5.1 on your computer after you have had it set up.

Improves Music and Movies

Setup was quite easy what with everything being color-coded and once that was done, I played some of my MP3s at a very high volume to test out the audio quality and what can I say? The clarity was astounding, so much so that my neighbor actually asked me about it the next day. Apart from that, the bass also impressed when I played some bass-laden songs. It provided a good thump that yielded no distortion whatsoever, making me a very happy music lover indeed.

When it comes to watching movies with the Z506, I was happy that the system did exactly what it was originally intended to do; to immerse you. The sounds basically filled my medium-sized room exceptionally well. Moreover, if the odd audio compression of HD videos has always plagued you, you will be glad to know that the Z506 has the ability to decompress the signals in such a way that every sound is played in the correct, relative volume. With this, there was no issue of the background sounds drowning out the dialogue and vice versa. In addition, there was also none of the annoying buzz sounds that I sometimes experienced with other speakers when there was nothing playing.

The only gripe that I have with the product (albeit a minor one) is the fact that the bass control is located at the back of the subwoofer, which is slightly inconvenient. That, and the lack of a control pod that seemed to be everyone’s gripe but it did not really bother me, as settings can be easily adjusted with a few clicks of the mouse.

Affordable Great Value

The product comes with a two-year warranty and the folks at Logitech are always known for their excellent customer service. If you are looking for a good surround sound system for your computer that won’t put you on a diet of baked beans for the next few weeks, the Logitech Z506 is truly the product for you and just so you know, my neighbor has just bought themselves a set!

Further information:

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Best Budget Computer Speakers 2.1 – Logitech S220 2.1 Speaker System

If you are looking for a pair of speakers with decent subwoofer that won’t make you cringe every time you crank the volume up but cannot afford to fork out for the hefty price tag that comes with some of these things (Bose, I am looking at you), then you have come to the right page. The product that I am reviewing today is a 2.1 speaker system called the Logitech S220. For those not in the know, the S220 is more or less an upgraded version of the S200 in terms of usability but we will not be dwelling on the differences between these two in this article. Instead, I will delve straight into the reasons why the S220 is the best value for money speakers that you can get.

Logitech S220 2.1 Speaker System

Cheap Bass? Only in Price

For the price of only five lattes, you get to experience first-hand the quality that only an established brand name like Logitech can bring about. Deceptively small, the S220 packs a rich punch in the bass department in my living hall (do note that there is a separate volume control for the bass) and set at half of its full volume, there is no discernible distortion to the average user’s ear. I can hear the whole spectrum of the high, low and mid-range notes! They can also be louder if needed to. In short, the speakers sound to me like something that would cost a hundred dollars more.

Good Performance, Size, and Looks

Even look-wise, as the classic black color that it comes in is classy and will complement any computer. All of these made me understand why it has remained the number one choice for everyone not looking for a high-end speaker system!

As for the setup, everything was pretty much straightforward and fuss-free; just plug in two wires into the corresponding jacks and you are done. The speakers are also perfect for me in terms of their size, designed as they were to reduce clutter, with the bass control sitting directly atop the subwoofer (good for those with space constraints).

I could actually tune them without any worries of accidentally pushing the volume up; something that does not seem all that important, but trust me, they are, especially when you are a night owl like yours truly. However, the longevity I can’t really vouch for, as I have only had the product for about a month but so far, they are still playing perfectly.

Get These if You Have a Budget Limit

All in all, the Logitech S220 is a product that I will not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a good pair of speakers that won’t burn a hole in their wallet. I am already thinking of getting another set for the TV with poor audio in my room as we speak. While some may point out the slightly cheapish construction of the set (only apparent in the power button, actually), I say, really, for that kind of price, you can’t complain. There are of course, better-sounding speakers out on the market but for this price? The S220 can’t be beat!

Further information:

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Best Budget Computer Speakers 5.1 – Logitech X-540 5.1 Speaker System

The Logitech X-540 5.1 Speaker System is what I’d called a gem in the sand dune! For less than $100, you get a set of quality surround sound speakers, and I really mean it about the quality. Compared to high end surround sound speakers that might cost over $300, these doesn’t lose out much and definitely is the best set of 5.1 speakers for us people with a tight budget!

Logitech X-540 5.1 Speaker System

Go Into the Game
I am a complete WarCraft freak so this is perfect for me. Do you have any idea how important it is to really feel as if you’re there when you play a game? It excites the senses so much more so. Heck, I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Set the Logitech X-540 5.1 Speaker System up properly, and you will hear the detailed sounds you won’t normally pick up with 2.1 speakers.

A lot of people were really blown away with these speakers, because of the exceptional sound quality. An Amazon Verified Purchase reviewer, said:
“They have great low end and good mid, but the weird thing is when you really crank it the sound quality gets better! I would definitely recommend buying this if you can’t afford the high end stuff.”

Oh, and the compact satellites are wall-mountable, with a special clip that lets you place the center channel speaker on top off flat-panel monitors to reduce desk clutter. How considerate, Logitech even thinks about my messy computer table!

Short Cables, but Not a Big Problem There
However, there is one common complaint among everyone – the cables are too short. I’ve gone ahead and bought extra cables so that I can spread the speakers out a bit. For such a bargain price, what’s wrong with spending a few more bucks getting cables?

One thing to note though, you might need to reconfigure Windows and your BIOS or Sound Card for a 5.1 speaker setup. There are a lot of people who know this stuff and are actually teaching you how to do it online, so I don’t see this as a problem.

Gosh, Amazon is even offering a discount and free shipping on top of the attractive price! Click here to check it out: Logitech X-540 5.1 Speaker System

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Best Wireless Speakers – Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers with Remote

I’m pretty excited because I just bought this pair of wireless speakers – the Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers with Remote. I am very pleased with myself for finding this because it’s the best wireless speakers ever: no wires, wall-mountable and weatherproof!

Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers with Remote

No Messy Wires
My mom is surprisingly supportive about me getting this pair of speakers – I think it’s because they are wireless. She keeps nagging me about how my table’s such a mess, and how there are wires everywhere, from computer wires, mouse wires, headphone wires, blah blah blah. Okay, mom, I get it, there are a lot of wires.

Mount Them on the Wall, Anywhere
The Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers with Remote has a cool design, you can actually mount the speakers on vertical spaces, so they become wall speakers. And you can mount them anywhere in the house because the speakers can be placed as far as 150 feet away from the audio source. It’s great because all the 900MHZ wireless speakers run on the same transmitter and frequency. This basically means that I get to add as many speakers as I want!

I’m thinking I’ll add one in the garage, one in my bedroom and one in the kitchen for mom. Maybe one on top of my bathroom door if my budget is stretchable. Oh, earlier on I mentioned this being weatherproof right? Turns out you can even use these speakers in wet areas.

If You Have…
Your house full of wireless stuff? Check if your wireless gadgets work above 5Ghz, otherwise you might be in for a bout of static interference. I do have a wireless internet connection at home but so far I haven’t experienced any interference yet.

I think the Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers with Remote are just right for people who love to have music wherever they are in the house. I got these at Amazon for a great bargain (half price!) and considering Amazon’s superb service and free shipping, I am going to get the add-on speakers from them as well.

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Logitech S120 2.0 Multimedia Speakers – Best Buy Computer Speakers 2.0

My sister was looking to buy computer speakers because all her friends have been telling her she’s missing out a lot without having proper speakers. See, she played online games a lot and honestly, I told her long ago that her laptop speakers were lousy. The volume was bad, the quality was bad, and there were a lot of scratchy noises at times. So, I’ve been surfing to see what’s good for her and I found this pair of Logitech S120 2.0 speakers.

Logitech S120 2.0 Multimedia Speakers

Best Buy 2.0 Speakers – Simple and Basic

The description on Amazon was pretty simple : Enjoy rich, full sound, edgy design and convenient controls. Okay, no big surprise there. I’ve been scrolling through their comments and people seem to have quite good stuff to say about it. It’s $11.82 so I think it’s the best buy for 2.0 speakers. Plus, she didn’t think she wanted to spend too much on a pair of speakers – she was a bit broke.

Anyway, among the comments given were that Logitech S120 2.0 speakers have got great sound quality, it works easy – all you have to do is just plug it in. A lot of people are also saying that this pair of speakers is stylish and good looking. Definitely another plus point!

Small for Compact Storage

Also, Logitech S120 2.0 speakers are small and compact. That works well for carrying them around with the laptop, and it won’t take up much table-top or storage space. And surprisingly, there are comments on how it’s small but the speaker is still very good, not some dinky speaker where you can’t hear anything.

Well, my sister bought these Logitech S120 2.0 speakers in the end and they are everything she wanted to boost the sound quality of her laptop. Basically I think she got the best buy there for a pair of quality 2.0 speakers.

Here’s the link to Amazon if you’re interested:

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JBL Duet Speaker System for Portable Music and PC

I wasn’t actually looking to buy a pair of computer speakers since I already have a set of Logitech S120 which work fine, but I was pretty blown away when I stumbled across the JBL Duet multimedia speaker system. Man, that is a really cool looking set of speakers.

JBL Duet Speaker System for Portable Music and PC

But besides the way it looks, it got really superb reviews too! But before I get to the reviews, let me tell you a little bit more about the speaker system first (just so that you can share my excitement on this). JBL Duet multimedia speaker system is suitable for any portable music player or computer, and it uses an Adverse Pressure Gradient (APG) port design, which enhances the bass performance.

The Duet is using this technology called the Tangential Strain Relief (TSR) in which the patent is pending. It’s neodymium magnet also creates more power and sensitivity.

Reviews for this product include people raving about it for being exceptionally good, about how they are very picky when they start looking for speakers but they’re so totally sold on this one, how this guy really loves them till he went and bought it for all of his kids’ iPods. You know, I wouldn’t mind having a father like that at all. This guy, who’s an audio engineer (so I’m a bit more liable to take his opinion seriously) says that the speakers are natural sounding and open, without being stuffy or forced.

I’m going to get this JBL Duet multimedia speaker system now. It looks good and seems to be a pretty good value buy, so why not? It’s just slightly below $40, which is slightly pricey for a pair of 2.0 speakers, but seems to be of good quality.

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Behringer 2-way Stereo Speaker System

My friend has recently been telling me that he bought this great pair of speakers and keeps insisting I get it. He says it’s really great, it improves sound, and my sister can use it too. Personally, I think he’s just looking for a way to getting into my sister’s good books because he’s got a crush on her. He says she can use it because this Behringer MS16 Two-Way Stereo System can turn your computer into your own personal karaoke system – and my sister’s singing all day long so she’d love it.

Behringer 2-way Stereo Speaker System

I did some research to see if it’s really good – after all I’m buying it for myself and not for my sister. I have to say, there are really a lot of good reviews on this Behringer MS16 Two-Way Active Stereo System. There’s this guy on Amazon that actually owns 4 of it!

It’s great for jamming because of the quality of the system. It’s supposed to be ideal for home studios, multimedia applications, keyboard and vocal monitoring. What I really like about this is that it’s got 4 woofers and high resolution tweeters, so the sound of it should really be something else.

Honestly, I think my sister will really like it but I’m not going to let her use it unless I’m done with it. He he. There’s this part which I think is really relevant for her – there are separately adjustable ¼ TRS microphone input mixable with stereo inputs for playback and vocal monitoring applications. Since she thinks she’s the next American Idol she’d be able to tinker away with it.

Behringer MS16 Two-Way Active Stereo System is going for about $60 in Amazon with free shipping. Check it out yourself.

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How To Be A Super Savvy Speaker Buyer

Buying speakers can be incredibly daunting if you’ve never bought any before. With a wealth of information out there in the Internet and conflicting views from your friends, how will you ever choose? Worry no more, for we’re here to help you solve your speaker woes! Or rather, a little bit of those woes anyway!

So what do you do first? The easiest would be to go online and look at forums and websites. What do they say about speakers? There are plenty of recommendations out there. Pick a recommendation you feel comfortable with, and then research the speaker properly. You’ll find out a lot more things along the way, things you didn’t even know you didn’t know! You’ll find that a majority of people have a problem with the same thing, so you’ll know what to look out for.

You should go out to actual stores to test drive those speakers. Most computer shops will let you audition their speakers. If they don’t, something is wrong or they have a really strange policy. Walk away from those type of stores! You wouldn’t want to invest a lot of money on something that you’ve never even tried before, would you? Don’t let salespeople ‘bully’ or ‘convince’ you by telling you that they’ve heard the speakers before and it’s really great, blah blah blah. How would you know they’re great if you haven’t heard it before? Tell them, thanks, you appreciate their ears, but you’d really like to have a go at listening to those speakers. If they still insist that they can’t do that, then just walk away.

Even if you’re on a budget, you should listen to one of the most expensive speakers in the store. Why? This is so that you know what a really good pair of speakers sound like. It then acts as a good benchmark, of whether you are getting good value for money for your speakers. However, don’t be unrealistic and expect a much cheaper pair of speakers to sound just as good as the expensive one you just heard.

Be mindful of how big the store is. The size of the room will impact the way your speakers sound. You should take note of how big or small your own space is and benchmark it against the speaker in the store. Alternatively, you could always ask the salesperson’s advice at the store/

Don’t get tempted to just walk into one store and buy from that particular store. Take your time to go around to a few shops and hear different views about speakers. You can also do some good price comparisons and find out which stores offer better bargains for the same set of speakers. Take the time out to do this, because you’ll feel like a complete fool if you walk into a different store months later and find the pair of speakers you bought going for a much cheaper price.

Hopefully, this enlightens you to becoming a savvier speaker buyer! Good luck with your quest to buy great speakers!

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How To Care For Your Speakers

Now that you’ve invested a chunk of money on your speakers, it’s important to care for them! After all, if you want your speakers to serve you faithfully, you’ll need to show them some tender loving care too. Don’t treat your speakers as something that will never ever spoil and shower it with debris like chips or food. This might be weird, but think of your speakers as a pet! Yes, a pet. A pet which will serve you faithfully if only you treat it well. Think about it, you’ve invested so much money in it, it would be completely wasted to not upkeep and maintain it.

The most basic but overlooked tip is this – read the manufacturer’s instructions! Look at what is the recommended distance between speakers. Sometimes, if speakers are put too close together, this can cause some interference. Does the instruction tell you any other do’s or don’t’s? Take what these instructions say seriously, as they can save a lot of hassle in the future. This is especially important if you’ve never set up a pair of speakers before!

This may be a little bit troublesome, but do unplug your speakers when it’s raining heavily. Lightning has killed many a computer and TV when it was left on during heavy rain. While it might be quite a hassle to keep plugging out and plugging in your speakers, it would be a bigger hassle on both you and your wallet should you have to go out and buy a new pair of speakers because your old pair has been murdered by lightning. You’ll actually be saving yourself a lot of extra time and money. Money, because you won’t have to go out and buy a new pair of speakers, and time, because you won’t have to search for a brand new pair of speakers. Think about unplugging your speakers as a wise investment for the future, instead of a troublesome thing to do.

You should regularly clean your speakers out with an anti-static cloth. Rub the dust and dirt away from the surface and also the little nooks and crannies in between. It’s important to keep your speakers clean and dust-free so that there’s as little interference as possible. You can actually vacuum the fabric grilled from both sides, and if the grilles are really dirty, you can take them out and rinse them in warm water. Make sure you’ve dried them properly before putting them back in.

Use your ears! If your speaker system is suddenly acting up, send it for a repair instead of trying to fix it yourself! Unless you are an expert at this, you’ll most likely do more harm and damage then good. It would then be even more expensive to fix. Don’t wait around thinking that the problem will end up fixing itself. This hardly ever happens, and normally just leads to a pair of busted speakers.

So don’t forget, the journey to a good pair of speakers does not end when you purchase a pair. Instead, take good care of your speakers and you can expect some good returns from your new found pet.

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